giovedì 14 luglio 2011

New Designs!

Due disegni nuovi,  una graziosissima sirenetta ed un sampler romantico giusto per accontentare un po' tutte le ragazze.... gli unici materiali speciali richiesti per la sirenetta sono le perline bianche 00479 della Mill Hill... tante... almeno una scatolina.... per il resto, solo filati moulinè....

2 new designs, a lovely little mermaid and a romantic victorian sampler... just to give happines to all the stitchers addict ... the only special material are che white beads for the mermaid, the rest are only moulinè floss, to save money and have fun and joy in stitching!

RL39  "Sirenetta"  "little Mermaid" 
Designed by Laura G. Lattuada 
© 2011 by LGL -  Passione Ricamo ®
Small and pretty, a real little mermaid from fairy tale, who plays and cuddles its seahorses .... 
A lot of  small white pearls adorn her long hair , her little sexy body and the long tail .... 
She seems wisper story tales about summer and  the enchanted sealife ...
A quick but very fresh and cute cross stitch embroidery .... 
A little gem to collect ....

Si suggerisce di ricamare su lino 12 fili Florentia Cielo
Dimensioni del ricamo in punti 110 x 170
Ingombro del ricamo finito circa cm 19 x 29
We suggest to stitch the model on 30ct Italian florentia Linen Medievale "Cielo"
or on hand dyed jobenan fabric 28 ct  "seaside storm" by  Polstitches 
Stitch Count :110  x 170
Finish embroidery about cm 19  x 29


S16 "Omnia Vincit" sampler
Designed by Laura G. Lattuada 
© 2011 by LGL -  Passione Ricamo ®
A romantic sampler of victorian suggestion for the little roses border, and 
also a great reminder from Virgil's 'Eclogues' X.69: 'Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori'.
The English translation is 'Love conquers all: Let us all yield to love!'
About Publius Vergilius Maro, known as Virgil in English, was born on October 15th 70 BC 
and died in 19 BC. He was an eminent poet and author of the 'Georgics', the 'Eclogues' 
and the 'Aeneid'. The Aeneid was an epic poem containing twelve books.
 It became the national epic of the Roman Empire.
Model stitched on Medievale italian linen 30ct “Eburneum”
Suggested 32 Count Belfast Linen Ant White
Stitch Count : 249 x 251
Finish embroidery about cm 40 x 41
Stitches used: cross stitch, backstitch

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  1. Lauraaaa!!!
    Cosa vedono i miei occhietti....
    E' piccina!!!! Una sirenetta Mignon....splendida !!!
    Come sempre ti superi nei particolari...

  2. MERAVIGLIOSA!!!!!! Ecco ho già capito,mi tocca cominciare un ricamo nuovo!!! Ma è talmente bella che non resisto!

  3. GORGEOUS!!!! Can't wait to get the chart!!!
    Fairy Angel